If a tenant has comments for us, wants to inform us of a problem or concern or wishes to file a complaint, here is the procedure to follow.

When a tenant has a problem concerning his dwelling:

  • He must try to solve it. He must ask his local housing manager for assistance
  • If he does not receive the expected service, he must contact the director of client services
  • If he is still not satisfied with the director’s answer or has not received a response within a reasonable period, he may communicate with the KMHB. Contact information is listed below.

The headquarters of the Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau will follow up to verify if his rights as a tenant were upheld, for example with regards to:

  • a service
  • a decision
  • an employee of the KMHB

The request will be treated confidentially and in an unbiased manner, and the KMHB will follow up with the tenant.

Tenants may obtain a comments and complaints form at their local housing office or download it from the KMHB website.