Did you know? 73% of KMHB tenants have a rent rebate

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In 2020, 73% of KMHB tenants beneficiated from a rent rebate. It could be you! The only thing you have to do is to provide the KMHB with your most recent notice of assessment. You could be surprised!

Rent rebates are calculated based on a household's composition and income. This measure aims to provide the elderly, social welfare beneficiaries and persons with children or other dependents, the opportunity to benefit from a rent rebate according to their situation.

If you have never applied and/or if your household’s composition and income have changed, you should try your chance! 

  • Get your most recent notice of assessment (NOA) from Revenu Québec by calling 1-800-267-6299 (check the NOTE from Revenu Québec about notices of assessment).
  • Bring a copy of your notice of assessment (all the pages), as well as your spouse's - if applicable - to your KMHB office.
  • Your housing office will proceed with your rebate calculation.
  • If you qualify, the rebate will be applied to your rent.
Note: Every year, starting July 1st, a new rent scale is applied. At that time, as soon as you receive your notice of assessment, it’s important to renew the process to get your rent rebate adjusted.

If you have any questions or if you need support with this process, ask your housing manager or reach us on our toll-free number: 1-833-229-2008. 

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