Did you know? There are 3 626 KMHB units all around Nunavik


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In 2020, the KMHB boasts 3 626 housing units in 14 Nunavik communities, home to 98% of the territory's population, for a total of nearly 14,000 people.

Since housing accessibility is the cornerstone of tenant wellbeing, the KMHB is particularly attentive to any program that will help grow its housing stock and allow the organization to grant housing to those needing it the most in each community.


Accessibility starts with the building of new houses. With the funding of the SHQ, our major partner Makivik Corporation assumes the responsibility of building new houses.

As part of the construction process, our inspectors ensure that houses built meet the necessary requirements before their final acceptation. Newly built houses then grow the KMHB’s housing stock and increase housing accessibility accordingly. In 2020, 28 new homes were built to complement the KMHB's existing housing stock. By early 2021, the stock will include 24 new homes which were delayed due to the pandemic and its aftermath. Below is a graph showing the growth of the housing stock over the recent years.

Year-end housing stock (number of units)

As the organization responsible for managing the housing stock, the KMHB allocates new homes according to a rigorous process and then sees to their maintenance.