Did you know? It takes three organizations to build a social house in Nunavik

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Since housing accessibility is the cornerstone of tenants' wellbeing, the KMHB is particularly attentive to any program that will help grow its housing stock and allow the organization to grant housing to those needing it the most in each community. 

Accessibility starts with the building of new houses. During the construction process, Makivik Corporation, the Kativik Regional Government (KRG) and the Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau (KMHB), with the funding from both federal and provincial governments, each contribute to the development of northern housing in Nunavik.

Here are the roles and responsibilities of these three partners regarding housing:

KRG: Allocating new houses to villages

The KRG allocates the construction of new housing units, and  establishes their number, their types, and in which village they will be built. The KRG also plays an important role in the early stages of the construction of new houses, seeing to the paving of roads and building of pads to accommodate the units. 

MAKIVIK: Building new houses

With the funding from the federal and provincial governments (SHQ), our partner Makivik Corporation assumes the responsibility of building new housing units.

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KMHB: Managing the housing stock and its maintenance

As part of the construction process, inspectors mandated by the KMHB ensure that houses built meet the necessary requirements before their final acceptance. Newly built houses then grow the KMHB’s housing stock and increase housing accessibility accordingly.

As the organization responsible for managing the housing stock, the KMHB allocates new homes according to a rigorous process and then sees to their maintenance.

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