The KMHB is making every effort to ensure that its tenants pay a fair price


For several weeks now, we have intensified our efforts to raise awareness among tenants about the importance of providing a proof of income to have their rent rebate renewed.

On June 30th, the rent rebates from the previous year expire. Starting July 1, the new rent scale comes into effect, along with the maximum amounts. To prevent tenants from paying the maximum amount, it is crucial for them to provide their housing office with proof of income so that their rent can be adjusted accordingly. Our goal is to enable all eligible tenants to benefit from a rebate and pay a fair price.

Within the organization, our teams are working tirelessly to update tenant accounts. It is important to note that it is never too late to submit proof of income, as we can retroactively update their accounts to July 1st.

Accepted proofs of income for the rebate calculation are: notice of assessment, T4 slip, pension slip, welfare slip.


This initiative is part of the "Pay Your Rent" awareness campaign, which includes a wide range of tools and actions:

  • Signs about rebates on Makivvik tax agents’ doors.
  • Rent information pamphlets & posters.
  • Radio messages broadcast by our housing agents in each community.
  • Letter to mayors to seek their support for the campaign.
  • Series of incentive messages on the social media.
  • Touring across Nunavik with one of our client service agents to find solutions with tenants in arrears.

We remind tenants that in case of payment difficulties, it is important to contact us so that we can find a suitable solution together.

This determined campaign will intensify over the coming weeks.

Rent rebates are calculated according to the composition and total income of households. This measure gives the elderly, welfare recipients, and persons with children or other dependents the opportunity to benefit from a rent rebate based on their situation.




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