About a thousand households hope to have a home while on average only a hundred units are built each year.

Ranking :

Ranking is based on criteria and a scoring system established by the By-law respecting the allocation of dwellings in low rental housing in Nunavik (PDF, 274KB),, enforced by the KMHB Board of directors and the Quebec Housing Corporation. These criteria include household income, the number of dependants and overcrowding.

Several other criteria are taken into account to determine a tenant’s eligibility and their priority on the waiting list.

Applicants are eligible to rent a KMHB dwelling if they meet the following conditions:
  1. They are registered applicants;
  2. They can independently or with the help of outside support or another person who lives with them satisfy basic needs, particularly those related to personal care and housework;
  3. They are 18 years or older;
  4. They are JBNQA beneficiaries;
  5. If they are not JBNQA beneficiaries, they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and must have resided in the Northern Village where they are applying for a period of at least 12 consecutive months prior to the date of filing the application.
  1. The applicant or applicant’s spouse who owes the KMHB rent has reached no acknowledgment of debt under a payment agreement or was unable to meet the terms of such an agreement;
  2. The applicant or a member of the applicant’s dwelling was leasing a unit for which the lease was cancelled under articles 1860, 1863 and 1971 of the Civil Code;
  3. The applicant or a member of the applicant’s dwelling abandoned their dwelling without notice.


The waiting list is periodically updated based on new eligible applications or any change that might influence the ranking, for example, based on priorities or changes in a household composition.

The KMHB makes the waiting list available for consultation in all its local housing offices. The identity of registered applicants is preserved. You can access or request access to this list at any time.