Housing application

To submit a housing application, you must complete the Social Housing Application Form (PDF, 568KB).

Here’s how :

  • Complete the application form now. You can get one at your local housing office or download a copy here (PDF, 568KB).
  • After having completed the form, you need to print, sign, and send us a copy (in person or by mail), with the following documents attached:
    • Two identification documents for the applicant and co-applicant (beneficiary card, social insurance number card, health insurance card, driver’s licence, etc.);
    • The last Revenu Québec assessment notice for the applicant and co-applicant.
  • Return the form to your local housing office. Because it has to be signed, you cannot submit your application by e-mail.

The application will then be entered into the system by the Client Services. The applicant’s name will then be added to the housing unit request waiting list and you will receive a letter indicating your application number and your ranking.

You may consult the waiting list to know your ranking by visiting your local housing office or clicking here .

The list is updated once a month. However, the KMHB accepts requests at all time so your ranking on the waiting list may change.

When a unit becomes available, the local housing unit assigns it according to the ranking and notifies the new tenant


Once the application is entered into the system, the Client Services sends a letter to the future tenant to confirm that their application has been received and to inform him/her of their ranking on the waiting list.

It’s the future tenant’s duty to proceed with any additional follow-ups or to consult with their local housing manager to get more information.


When an applicant is assigned a unit, the housing manager will contact him/her in order to advise them and help complete the lease and accompanying forms.

When the unit is ready, the local housing manager will contact the tenant so both can visit the housing unit and the tenant can be handed the keys.