The KMHB’s head office is located in Kuujjuaq. There is a Client Services representative in each of the 14 Nunavik communities, namely the local housing manager.

Housing managers are in charge of relations with tenants, more specifically they:

  • Make recommendations for housing allocation (with the local housing committee)
  • Sign leases and related documentation
  • Complete the “Rent Rebate” forms to which tenants are entitled, if applicable
  • Receive tenant payments who come to the local housing office
  • Prepare work orders for repairs and act as an intermediary between tenants and maintenance employeesAnswer tenant calls, inquiries and requests
  • Inform tenants on housing regulations, available rebates, events, competitions, etc.
  • Relocate tenants during renovations
  • Act as an intermediary between tenants and contractors during renovations
  • Attend local housing committee meetings

You can reach the Client Services in Kuujjuaq at


To find a Local Housing Office, Please visit our Contact page

Head office in Kuujjuaq:

  • Supervise and support the KMHB housing managers in their duties in the 14 communities
  • Receive and process all access to housing applications throughout Nunavik
  • Assign housing (with the community’s local housing committee)
  • Manage, process and approve leases, payments, rent rebates, payroll deductions and payment agreements for the 14 communitiesManage the more complicated tenant requests
  • Oversee the renovation work in the 14 communities
  • Handle tenant complaints
  • Collect rents (including through the Housing Corporation)