Pact for better-living in Nunavik


In Nunavik, the Kativik Municipal Housing Bureau (KMHB) must deal with overcrowding, the need for affordable housing, vandalism, and lacking housing and equipment maintenance.

Each year, the Government of Quebec must invest $40M in upgrades to extend the useful life of dwellings. Added to that is the need to invest a few million dollars to cover repairs for vandalism to the KMHB properties and equipment.

Promoting the housing needs regulations to tenants as well as raising awareness of youth about the immediate benefits of living in a healthy, well-kept and safe environment has become the top priority of the KMHB.

In November 2011, with the valuable contributions of the Quebec Housing Corporation (SHQ), the KMHB launched the Pivallianiq initiative. In Inuktitut, Pivallianiq means “positive change”. Implemented in all of 14 Nunavik communities, this awareness, information and policy program is based on three components with the purpose of maintaining dwellings and equipment, fighting vandalism through youth awareness and embellishing the living environment of Nunavimmiut.

Pivallianiq means better-living in Nunavik!.


Giving rise to a universal, social movement of housing embellishment and preservation through self-awareness and pride nurturing in Nunavik communities.


Through an awareness, family information and youth education campaign, reducing avoidable and needless costs resulting from faulty housing and equipment maintenance, wasted water (water and energy) and vandalism, and retain and reallocate savings to the construction of new units in Nunavik’s social housing stocks.


COMMITTING to take individual actions in our communities that will give rise to a widespread, collective embellishment movement in Nunavik.

BEING ACCOUNTABLE by respecting, maintaining and duly paying for the leased property of the KMHB.

PRESERVING our water and energy resources as well as the frail northern environment.

RESPECTING the assets, the people and above all the future generations that will inherit the dwellings, equipment and way of doing things of previous generations.

TRANSMITTING maintenance knowledge, experience and habits to our youth and kinsmen to …

PERPETUATING the Pact for better-living in Nunavik.

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