Rent payment

Tenants have different payment options:

1) In person, at their local housing office, by:

  • Cheque
  • Debit
  • Credit card
  • Cash (only in Kuujjuaq)

2) By phone

3) From their financial institution web site:

  • Register a new provider named: Kativik municipal housing bureau
  • Your account number is your beneficiary number or the lessee’s number
  • Please note that the transaction will show in your account 48 hours after being made

4) In person, at your community COOP (except Kuujjuaq)

5) As a payroll deduction (from pay)

  • In the case of a payroll deduction, the tenant must visit his/her local housing office and complete a form. The form will then be sent to the pay department of the tenant’s employer and the rent paid out of their pay. However, not all employers offer this service. Please note that such payments are subject to a few weeks delay.

Ask for your payment option leaflet at your local KMHB office or download it here (PDF, 1 MB)



If you have difficulty paying your rent, we encourage you to call and make an agreement with the KMHB. We will work together and find the best solution for you, but don’t let the situation worsen.

When a tenant is in payment default (arrears), a file is opened with the Quebec Rental Board to issue a ruling against the offending tenant, ordering the termination of the lease and allowing for the tenant’s eviction.

  1. When the judgment is issued, the tenant will receive a series of letters from the KMHB requesting them to make payment arrangements to avoid eviction. If the tenant makes a payment agreement with the KMHB, procedures are then stopped.
  2. However, if the letters remain unanswered and the tenant does not make any payment agreement, the process continues and he/she may face eviction.
  3. A bailiff will arrive at the tenant’s house and hand him/her a letter stating that he/she has 5 days to vacate the unit. The bailiff will return on the set date to empty the unit if the tenant has not already moved. From that moment on, the bond of trust between the KMHB and the tenant is broken. The offending tenant will receive no aid or compensation.
The KMHB carries out evictions for rent payment default, among others. However, it’s the LAST COURSE OF ACTION taken by the KMHB. Several steps are required before proceeding with an eviction, and the tenant has every opportunity to avoid such an outcome.